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87 years ago in July, the Communist Party of China was born in South Lake boat fire spread revolution. A short span of 28 years has made the 9.6 million square kilometers in width, 4 Long live the people of the state power of the public. From a divided, being at the mercy of the "sick man" to the prosperous and strong, and proud of a democratic country, to rise from the humiliation, to take off from a standstill, from bitterness to glory. This is the kind of huge energy release, this is simply how that of the great feats! This is because the Communist Party of China has advanced the theory of guidance, is different from the previous peasant uprising, is not a simple change of government; This is because the Communist Party of China is rooted in the history of China's most advanced productive forces, and embodied the essence of the best of the Chinese nation. I have a huge party for our proud achievements. In 1949, the eve of the founding of New China, Chairman Mao wrote excitedly rub: "The fate of the Chinese-speaking people by their own hands, such as China will be as the sun rises in the east, with their brilliant flame illuminated the earth, quickly and cleaned up the reactionary left government, heal the wounds of war, has built a strong brand-new People's Republic of true. " History has given the important task of national rejuvenation of the Chinese Communist Party, and the Chinese Communist Party did not live up to the great trust of history, and lead people of all nationalities in the wind and rain in the 59-year history, do not yield to pressure undaunted by repeated setbacks, smashed the imperialist blockade and challenges, to defend the national sovereignty and dignity, one after another to overcome unimaginable difficulties and achieved a series of socialist construction achievements. Especially since the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Party, the party has learned from three decades of experience in money and lessons out of a socialism with Chinese characteristics and the road to success. From the "Rise of Fantasy Monster" long-term poor and weak to " Yutian music played there," the initial prosperity can say that the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the backbone of the core, in the long history of the Chinese nation to write has a . If it is said that the development of human society is a lengthy drama, then 59 years of New China, the miracle of economic development, without a doubt is one of the most glorious, most glorious, the most touching scene. From China leap from an agricultural country to industrial countries in the vertical tracks, from many countries in the world in the horizontal comparison, but also shows the glory of the Communist Party of China, the great and correct. to listen to a knowledge-based economy, the Communist Party of China recalled the glorious footsteps of felt that the carol, indomitable spirit, vowed to the ideals and unshakeable conviction. I am proud for the honor to be a member of the Communist Party of China; I am proud to have the honor to bring the body's own weak, modest contribution to mankind's most magnificent, the greatest cause of communism. At the same time, I deeply know that as a Communist Party member, the proud but also a mission, a responsibility, a driving force.

    The days to come, I should be proud as a member of the Communist Party of the situation into forward momentum, and strive to practice the "Three Represents" in the journey towards a better future, with more confidence and more high enthusiasm, and more hard work, strong will to fight more and more scientific attitude, extraordinary in their own positions Expressing the communist cause, loyalty and persistence. "Party members and cadres to stay, to enable students to take the lead!" This is not just a slogan, it is also a basic requirement. Officials do? Why join the party? With the right to do? This is what we should always ask ourselves topic. The official, to join the party is at a crucial moment, the people most in need can be excluded when obtained, were on red to open a peace for the masses of living space. For each party member, it requires not only clarity of vision, but also down-to-earth dedication! It requires not only the world's most ambitious vision, but also the livelihood of the people need to pay attention to detail! It is not only the need for strict integrity and the need to undergo supervision by the masses of the magnanimous! This is the sentiment of a member of the Communist Party.



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