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Labor in order to the Chinese dream

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Labor in order to the Chinese dream




Laohekou fourth middle school. (5) class Zhang Qingran


老河口市第四中学八(5)班  张清然


Left the horizon was reluctant to part of the morning sun, a little red day. I thought it was slightly, a haunting in my mind the two words - Labour.




Street, some workers holding a broom, accompanied with the frequent "rip" rip "ring," on the ground across the walls sleek lines; Some with a spade, skillfully throw garbage into the garbage truck, leaving only clean and tidy. Guardrail side two aunt hand pipe nozzle, wrist expertly upside down, as in deduce a beautiful dance, let the water splash of the nozzle injection barrier to clean clean and shiny. The cool morning breeze, the workers had already left the thick sweat on his forehead, cheeks flushed bright red because of the labor. Everyone is so serious, as if in a handicraft carving, each face is permeated with satisfaction and happiness, because you can only make people have a clean and tidy environment.




Workers labor the most glorious!




I looked at the clean streets, in the heart suddenly moved much a few minutes, nameless, and see another meet face by labor.




The winter one evening, I cleaned the health ready to go home. Passing through the office while at this time it's getting late, go downstairs, I went to a look inside, greets me is such a picture - the teacher with his head down slightly, attentively marking the examination paper on the table, from time to time to knit a few eyebrows, then stretching, corners of the mouth is full of irrepressible satisfaction. I stare at the warm scene, smiled gently. I say: "teacher, you burn the marking again." Teacher fierce raised his head, alpha males slightly, and gently close your eyes, rubbing his acerb eyes and sighed, "the eyes are useless." In my heart, in a few minutes of acidity and moved. The teacher give us knowledge, daily tirelessly grading papers, produced the generation after generation of national beams, behind each of us a classmate of growth, is inseparable from the teacher endless efforts and hard work!冬天的一个黄昏,我清扫完卫生预备回家。这时天气已晚,下楼时途经办公室,我往外面一看,映入我眼皮的是如许一幅画面——教师轻轻低着头,专心致志地批阅着桌上的卷子,时时时地皱几下眉,随即又伸展开来,嘴角满是克制不住的满意。我看着面前目今这温馨的一幕,悄悄笑了。我说:“教师,您又挑灯阅卷了。”教师猛得抬开始,轻轻怔住,又悄悄闭眼,揉揉酸涩的眼睛,叹了口吻,“眼睛不中用了。”我心中一震,涌上几分酸涩与打动。教师逐日给我们教授知识,不知疲乏地修改试卷,培养出了一代又一代的中流砥柱,我们每一位同窗的点滴生长面前,都离不开教师无尽的心血与辛劳的休息!


Education workers labor the most glorious!




A burst of lang lang's top interrupted my thoughts. I look up, three classmates are still trying to learn. Look under the orange sky opposite a classroom, illuminated by the light I suddenly thought of our classmates.




Class time, I always see many students trying to figure. Some students away, penholder constantly shake, on a piece of paper to write down a series of beautiful and fluent words; Some classmates calm calmly and holding scrolls, roam in the ocean of knowledge; Some classmates together in 332, to discuss a few math problem, in holding a word I harvest the answer...... . Every one heart with ideal seeds, with hard work carefully to caress, let it under the water of the sweat, sprout, grow, bloom, and then at a certain season of autumn harvest the fruits of labor, took the fruit to serve the motherland.




Youth labor the most glorious!






A labor figure flashed in front of us, because of the labor and toil face: mind burning sun pawn, construction workers standing on the shelf of the dozens of meters high, in relative obscurity labor; Keep cold, police officers are standing at the crossroads, earnest rigorous command; The fire burning, fire officers and men through hot, risk one's life to rescue a... Such, too numerous to list.

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