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it's OK, take it easy不要紧,渐渐来

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it's OK, take it easy不要紧,渐渐来


襄阳四中高二(10)班   凃晨霄


Xiangyang four high school (10) class Tu morning


Youth young, growing on the road, I walk fast, to come to cover up the inner panic, eager to use fast to replace the inevitable loss. Until you hear you, whispered in the ear, said: "It does not matter, slowly!" This sentence like a meter of sunshine, dripping into the atrium, warm, long.芳华幼年,生长路上,我行动短促,以快来粉饰心田的恐慌,盼望用快来替代不免的徘徊。直到听到你们,在耳边轻声说:“不要紧,渐渐来!”这句话像一米阳光,淌进心房,暖和,绵长。


The next three semesters, the purpose of all my actions are forced to point in the test, anxious to my not only complicated math confusion of the text, as well as accounted for a full three minutes of the sports exam. Do not say Saturday routine test, even dinner thirty minutes of time also took up fifteen minutes, pulled the playground on the deadly emergency training. At this time, you always stand outside the fence in the playground, you can always see the sports teacher at the end of the runway holding the timer, a look of serious, almost questioned to me, "how can this point in the test? To be speechless. Drag the collapse of the body, to your direction and head down. You passed the dinner, patted my shoulder, "it does not matter, slowly!" This is the third day of the running day, my heart felt the only one comfort. I know that I am a little bit of progress, the examination may not wait, but you always stand on the side of the runway, persistent waiting. You, my mother.初三放学期,我统统举动的目标都自愿指向中考,发急我的不只有冗杂的数学混杂的文综,另有占了整整三非常的体育测验。不说周六的例行测试,连晚饭三非常钟的工夫也被占失十五分钟,拉到操场上没命地急训。这时,你总站在操场栅栏外守望着,你也总能看到体育教师在跑道止境捏着计时器,一脸严峻地、近乎诘责地对我说“中考这点分怎样能行?”我懊丧地无言以对。拖着虚脱的身材,向你的偏向低头走去。你递过晚饭,拍拍我的肩膀,“不要紧,渐渐来!”这是初三的飞奔着的日子里,我心田感觉到的独一的一句慰藉。我晓得,我一点一点的提高,中考大概不会等,但你却永久站在跑道的一旁,固执地等待。你,我的母亲。


In the test, but did not like my wish, high into a parallel class. Emotions in the first month of school, the downturn and lost, thoroughly examinations class commendation at the meeting did not me, I kept silent, stared at the papers in a daze. You approached, and near. Knocked on my desk and told me to go out. Corridor exceptionally quiet, the moon lay quietly sad. You are also out of the door of the classroom. I stepped on the fence and looked at the courtyard in a daze. You stand aside, "how, feeling bad?" I have some unexpected, I do not know how to answer. "Your exam is slightly lower than the class name." "Well ..." I deliberately pretentious look. You continue to say: "I just want to tell you that this high one, as long as the hearts of a dream, you still have time, there are opportunities." "But ... ..." I could not speak, some moved. "Never mind, slowly." You did not let me go on, I will look to you, you smile In the test heart knot from that moment, open. You are my class teacher.中考,却没能如我所愿,高一进了平行班。心情在开学的第一个月,低迷而丢失,摸底测验班级的惩处会上没有我,我一声不响,怔怔地看着试卷发愣。你走近了,又近了。敲了敲我的桌子表示我出去。走廊格外恬静,明月撒下悄悄的难过。你也走出,极轻地掩上了课堂的门。我扒在围栏上,望着庭院发愣。你站在一旁,“怎样,心境欠好?”我有些始料未及,不知怎样回答。“你这次测验比进班名次稍微降落了几名。” “嗯……”我刻意装着掉以轻心的样子。你持续说:“我只想通知你,这才高一,只需心中有梦想,你另有工夫,另有时机。”“但是……”我竟说不出话来,有些打动。“不要紧,渐渐来。”你没让我再说下去,我将眼光移向你,你轻轻一笑。中考心结便自那刻,翻开。你,是我的班主任。


There are so many people in the growth of the road urging us, we are eager to go beyond everything, so we accelerated the pace. It is inevitable that some time, run for a long time, we are really tired; tripped, and we really hurt. We are so really guilty, afraid to live up to so many expectations of our eyes. Want to stand up, want to stand up, but the lack of the courage to face everything, had no choice but to stay helplessly in place.有那么多的人在生长路上敦促着我们,我们也盼望着逾越统统,于是,我们放慢了步调。可不免有那么些时分,跑久了,我们真的很累;绊倒了,我们真的很痛。我们又那么逼真地愧疚着,惧怕孤负了那么多希冀着我们的眼光。想对峙,想站起,却短少面临统统的勇气,只好徘徊无助地留在原地。


      You "does not matter, slowly to" let me understand that the eyes are not only full of hope, it is patience.




Growing on the road with you, I can fearless, forward.生长路上有了你们,我才干临危不惧,前行。



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