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Hard work功在不舍

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 Hard work功在不舍




   "If a man can do it, he will be able to do it. “人一能之,己百之;人十能之,己千之。果能此道矣,虽愚必明,虽柔必强。”天生的人才,人间罕见。罕见的,不外芸芸众生,但才学深刻,头脑愚昧并不会让我们与天赋无缘。勤劳,持之以恒,异样可以发明天赋。伟大又怎样?痴顽又怎样?他人一遍做到,我做十遍;他人十遍做到,我做千遍。我只需支付比他人多百倍的高兴,我便能敏捷生长,逐步弱小起来。






    Born talent, rare world. Common, but the mortal beings, but only learn superficial, mind stupid and will not let us and genius missed. Diligence, perseverance, the same can create genius. What is the ordinary? How is it stupid? Others do it again, I do ten times; others do ten times, I do thousands of times. I just pay hundreds of times more than others efforts, I will be able to grow rapidly, and gradually strong up.




    I remember before, my academic performance is not ideal, feel stupid, and thus lose the confidence of learning. But this sentence makes me awake, my foundation is not as good as other students, but this does not mean that I can not do what they can do. I put down all the entertainment, began to study hard, hard work, and constantly hard to sharpen their own. "I can use the sweat and tears in exchange for the joy of success."






   Guoxue classic for me to open a called "hard work" of the door, so I found the cornerstone of success. 



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