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Honesty to others诚信待人

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Honesty to others诚信待人


   "Poetry cloud: phase in the room, still worthy of the house leakage, so the gentleman does not move and respect, without words and letters. “诗云:相在尔室,尚不愧屋漏。故小人不动而敬,不言而信。”




On campus, the students want to be the most popular and respected person. However, there are students regardless of the principle of this, in the examination room to send notes cheating, to get the praise of students. How can they be qualified to get the respect of the students?校园里,同窗们都盼望本人是最受欢送的人,被尊崇的人。但是,有同窗却为此掉臂准绳,在科场中传纸条作弊,来获取同窗的称誉。试问他们有什么资历失掉同窗们的尊崇呢?




   I am naturally quiet, do not love frolic, not many friends, in the impression that the students are not a color. In the exam, there was a note that came to me, and I did not hesitate to tear it up and rejected the shortcut that was admired. "In the room, is still worthy of the house leak, the gentleman does not move and respect, without words and letters." I from this few words, the strength of understanding the integrity. 我素性安静,不爱嬉闹,冤家未几,在同窗们印象中很不出彩。测验中,有纸条传到我手里,我绝不犹疑地把它撕失,回绝了这条失掉敬仰的捷径。“相在尔室,尚不愧屋漏故,小人不动而敬,不言而信。”我从这寥寥数语中,意会到诚信的力气。




       Guoxue classic, for me to open a "good faith" of the door, so that my life a little more convinced power. 国粹经典,为我翻开一扇“诚信”的大门,使我人生多了一点服气的力气。




    Holding Guoxue classic, my life unknowingly full, colorful up. Look at the stars, that the stars of the light, in my eyes increasingly bright. 手捧国粹经典,我的人生不知不觉空虚,多彩起来。仰视星空,那繁星的光辉,在我眼中愈发灿烂。

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